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We support businesses in the financial services industry to thrive in an environment of ongoing change and disruption. We bring about transformation. Fast.

Integrating business and IT, building high-performing teams, defining new working practices and transforming organisations into engines of innovation by integrating them into top-tier eco-systems.

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The Digital Disruption Podcast

Digital Disruption is a podcast for business leaders who are going through change and digital transformation. Each episode brings you the stories of founders, CEO’s, and innovative thinkers who are driving digital transformation.

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The Seven Pillars of Digital Transformation

There is no blueprint for Digital Transformation, every organisation is unique and as such requires a bespoke approach. That said, there are some guiding principles and frameworks. At Novus Strategy & Consulting we have our own framework, called the ‘The Seven Pillars’. To learn more about the seven pillars and to discover how we can help your organisation, please contact us.

Digital Capability

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Culture & People

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Agile Innovation

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Risk & Compliance

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Stakeholder Engagement

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Business Alignment

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Digital Business Strategy

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Technology doesn’t innovate…. People do! Technology doesn’t disrupt… People do

People are the backbone of your transformation success and your organisation’s health will be directly attributed to your culture.

We help organisation’s build cultures that breed high performing teams that bring the business and IT together. Contact us to discover more about how we can help you.


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